Scripto·Q – E-Book Download Library

The Free E-Book Download Library of Scripto·Q will no doubt be its most popular feature. In the opening phase, the library will feature several hundred classics from Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist traditions. Later, it will feature a curated selection of works from all the world's major traditions. (The project editor's library alone has thousands of titles to be sorted.)

Snapshot of the editor's local Buddhist texts library — sorting-in-progress...

While there's an infinity of related books out there, we don't aim to include each and every one of them. The focus of this library is on translations of classic works and substantial commentaries thereof. It's less about entry-level works and modern novelties — and more about digging deep into the roots.

All the book entries in the library will of course be tagged with well-rounded metadata such as categories, genres, authors, traditions, eras etc. — so it will be easy for you to find related works and stay in the flow of the ongoing themes.

Texts in the e-book library are sourced from dozens of scattered resources (where the works' copyrights have expired or the authors allow free sharing) — and then processed into multiple popular formats for reading and downloading — and naturally also included into the full-text search index.

Most source e-books online are published in PDF format — which has its inherent limitations. These source texts will be extracted, cleaned up, reformatted and provided as proper ePub and Mobi editions for e-book readers — and as regular HTML pages for online viewing. Books will also be published as re-formatted and optimized PDF editions with a uniform layout.

Since the extraction-and-cleanup process from diverse PDF source files is somewhat time-consuming — even with the workflow and tools we've created for the task — initially the books will be available in whatever format they were collected in. Additional formats will be incrementally published in order of text priority — and you, my friend, are most welcome to participate in the immeasurable clean-up task. Ask us how and we'll share the work-flow and the tools with you.