Scripto·Q Library – Project Introduction

Scripto·Q — E-Book Library and Search Engine Classic Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist Scriptures — Free eBook Library and Smart Search Engine

Scripto·Q is an e-book library initiative dedicated to making classical texts and commentaries on oriental philosophy and mysticism freely available and accessible in multiple dimensions — for the benefit of enthusiasts and researchers alike. Here are some highlights of what's in the works:

  • Download Library — Comprehensive e-book library of scriptures in multiple download formats.
  • Bilingual Reader — English translations and source language texts for parallel reading and studies.
  • Search Engine — Precision search of all library texts for in-depth research of topics and traditions.
  • Bibliography Browser — An extensive index of useful books that we can't include in the library yet.
  • Translation Tools — An online toolkit to facilitate transliteration and translation of original works.
  • Extended Features — Diverse community and collaboration features; topical lists, quote libraries etc.

Please browse the links above for more details on the project. We're hoping for a pilot release over the summer of 2015. If you wish to participate in beta-testing the project before the public release, please contact us for more information.

If you wish to inspire and expedite the project,Donate with PayPal please consider making a contribution to help us allocate more time for the work and to secure and maintain more robust server resources. You can also contribute texts and assist in many other ways. Get in touch and ask! Thank you sincerely for your interest in the project.