Index of eBooks to Be Processed for Download

This is an index of materials in our local digital library — scheduled to be processed for searching and download in multiple formats, where copyrights so permit. If you have files we are still lacking – please get in touch and help us fill in the blanks!

While we're preparing the download library... If you spot eBooks you'd like to have now, please send us a message and we'll get you sorted. You can expect the first official batch of downloads coming online towards the spring.

Owing to copyright restrictions, we can't provide some of these books for free download. This is a preview listing provided for information purposes. We're still clarifying what is what. Fortunately, the bulk of these titles are free to share!

Index of Buddhist eBooks

Index of Buddhist Books As of this count, we have some 2000 books on Buddhism, excluding various small works and all the HTML files for the suttas etc. The following is a preliminary categorization — some books may still be mislocated. Browse around and stay tuned for the final library...

Index of Hindu eBooks

  • Advaita (index coming soon)
  • Bhakti (index coming soon)
  • Tantra (index coming soon)
  • Yoga (index coming soon)
  • Epics & Puranas (index coming soon)
  • Upanishads (index coming soon)
  • Vedas (index coming soon)

Index of Taoist eBooks

  • Ba Qua & I Ching (index coming soon)
  • Inner Alchemy (index coming soon)
  • Taoist Philosophy (index coming soon)
  • Tao Te Ching (index coming soon)