Scripto·Q – Smart Search Engine

The Smart Search Engine for Scripto·Q will include the contents of all the books processed for the library. Further, the texts will be broken down into logical segments — and gradually each tagged with keywords, in addition to metadata derived from the book entry — to facilitate a precision in search queries at a level unseen in commonly available online libraries.

In the Name of the Prince of Wisdom — That Data Shall Be Unveiled!

You will be able to search within queries to further narrow down the results. You can also simply search the standard book metadata — or for example just the tables-of-contents of books — if the full-text results are overwhelming in volume.

Common keywords and their variants across diverging translations will be collated together into single query references. In texts that have been entered into the Bilingual Index, keywords will also be matched with terms in the source language. You will not be missing out on meaningful results in lack of the exact right wording, then!

In addition to custom search features, all the functionality provided with MySQL full-text indexes will be available. Then, you can also take advantage of so-called Boolean Operators — such as * wildcards, + requirements and - exclusions, "sentence search", weighed word priorities, or minimum word distances qualifying for a match. Scales to as advanced as you can conceive of!

Screenshot of a SQL database structure draft.

It will be possible to save queries for results you find particularly meaningful — in case you need to return to that view later, or if you wish to share it with a friend. You can also add alerts for keywords of interest (in a specific genre etc.) that are triggered when new books with matching text are entered into the database.

In conclusion: It will be a search engine unlike anything you've ever used before. And forget about search experiences with Google — this is a whole other planet. If there's a match somewhere in our data, you will find what you seek. Easily.