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Thank you for your interest in participating in the Scripto·Q library project!

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There are multiple ways you can support the endeavor. Choose the modes of support that best fit your skills and budget. Remember — there's no help too small to offer!

Inquiries? Please contact us at — we'll get back to you as soon as possible with further information.

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Contribute — Give a Donation

If you should find it in your heart and your pocket to contribute a dime or a hundred towards the advancement of this project, it will be much valued and appreciated. We do not and will not support the project with advertisements. All contributions will be used towards server costs and (importantly) for liberating the project operator's time and energy from pursuing the world of more mundane works. (At around the rate of "bread and butter for a day's work". And a biscuit please.)

Please click the PayPal Donate with PayPal donation button to the left — and your contribution will be securely chipped in. We're brainstorming on complimentary perks given to all contributors. They will be retroactively awarded to all donors past, so worry not. When donating, you can leave a request to prioritize your favorite genres or features.

Share Freely Available Texts

If you happen to have free-to-share e-texts in your personal collection, please send us an index of what you have (see the Share Texts page) — and we'll match it with our local reference database to see what's new. We'll then set you up with an upload facility for sharing the texts. If you need help on creating an index of what you have, please let us know.

Help Discover New Texts

You can also join our team of treasure-hunters and start digging through the obscure nooks and corners of the cyberspace for whatever resources may still be missing. (A complete index of what's already in the bin and ready to process will be available as soon as the copyright statuses of the so-far collected texts have been verified.)

  • Also see: Source eBook Libraries for an index of libraries with free e-books. (Let us know of unlisted resources!)

Help Process Raw Texts

When text is extracted from a PDF file, it can be a mess. While we've got tools that do a lot of the cleanup well, formatting is lost and footnotes are disconnected. You can help by reading through these plain text files, fixing up broken paragraphs, and using simple markup language, marking chapter headings, footnotes, quotations etc. for what they are.

There are also scanned texts that need to be processed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition). These files typically need a good proofreading to ensure everything was properly recognized (diacritics are a challenge). There's a lot of work to be done there too. We can OCR and send you the raw result; or you can OCR yourself too, if you have the know-how.

Participate in Beta Testing

Whether you have technical skills or you're simply an enthusiastic user of online tools, you can participate in testing new features and site versions before they go public. That'd be awesome and exciting, right? In the process, you will help us iron out any remaning glitches — so everything works like a kitchen sink when the update goes live.

Help Promote the Project

We all have friends right? Helping out can also be as simple as sharing this project with your contacts. Just click the share and like links on these pages to spread the news along your social network. You can also link us up with other groups and endeavors that have matching interests, planting the seeds for future collaboration and shared growth. Thank you!

A Word from the Operator

Systems Operator Beardy — At Your Service — To Archive and To Process Hello friend! Hello world! My name is Ananda Loponen; alias Markus Ananda Oskari. I've been dabbling mostly in the worlds of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism for the past two decades — an avid reader and student of the wisdoms and mysteries of the sages and seers of the yore and yonder.

Along the way, I've gained a fair working proficiency in Sanskrit and Pali — and amassed a substantial library of resources, so far kept for private use only. And that's about to change. I've also coded a small universe in diverse online applications and frameworks. Now I'm itching to put all that code mojo into good use — for the benefit of every seeker, digger and blogger on the path. For you.

Thank you for taking an interest in the Scripto·Q initiative! If you can support the project in any way, helping it materialize towards the fullness of its vast potential, it will be heartily appreciated both by myself — and without a doubt — the future audience of this project. (Lao Tzu and his pals may smile upon a golden flower in the silvery clouds for you, too.)

Prajnaparamita — The Mother of Wisdom

Finally a couple of links to prove that I'm a real person. (I'm not too convinced myself — so if you're not, no blame on you. However the continuum behind the operator is resilient.)