Scripto·Q – Translation Tools

To facilitate the availability of new works, Scripto·Q will also host a section for online translation and transliteration tools — some of it gained from the open-source community, some of it coded from a scratch, or sourced from the project editor's tool-kit developed over the last decade of works with Indic scripts and translations. Some novel utilities include:

  • Script Transliterator Screenshot of diCrunch 2.0.2 – Diacritic Cruncher for Indic scripts– A tool for lossless conversion between multiple Indic scripts (in Unicode) and common transliteration conventions. Due for a rewrite with support for extended Indic, South-East Asian, Arabic and Hebrew scripts. You can see the latest (but rather dated) version 2.0 of the tool here in action.
  • Screenshot of the Script Analyzer tool – Originally developed for old Javanese Kawi analysis. Script Analyzer – A tool that allows you to segment a source text in a given original script into lines, words or syllables — including scans and photographs — and conveniently tackle it bit by bit. Also includes syllable-by-syllable analysis mode, especially useful in dealing with hand-written sources and more obscure scripts. Includes extensive alphabet variant tables. See: Indic Script Reference
  • Collaborative Translation – An online tool for translation of source texts. With annotations, revision history, integrity verification prompts and optional collaborative features. This functionality will also be integrated with the Bilingual Reader section towards the refinement of translations that have already been incorporated into the library.

...and no doubt many more useful tools will emerge once the spark of collaboration has been ignited and the project is on a good roll. (Project operator is a mad inventor and a code wizard, so in-house tool production is a routine affair.)